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Monday, March 13, 2006

Drunken Soccer:Fainting

What mothers says: about DrunkenSoccer.

Mom:Well I don't like the name, Drunken soccer,because I think that you are trying to trick people?

DM: Why should I?

Mom: Because you want beer money? So you make up that name, so that you can get kids in on your alcohol problems.

DM: Why would I do such a thing to the kids mom?

Mom: Well who made you teacher and coach of this Drunken Soccer thing?

DM: I Did!

Mom: Can you tell me some thing. What are your credentials,
Mr drunken master?

DM: Well that is a good one mom! I don't have any credentials but they don't called me mr Drunken master. They call me the legendary Drunken Master? Well last thing I remember about me is that they made a couple of movies about me? And kids every where in China heard of all my tales. Yes, my victories. I think that might help answer your question.

Mom: What victories?

DM: Well mom I have never lost a fight!

Mom: That is some crap, I don't believe that one. Try it with someone else?

Mom: My son got a copy of your DrunekenSoccer:Fainting and he his having trouble applying it?

DM: What do you mean, he is having trouble applying it?

Mom: Well I read it to him and than he test your techniques out? However, in his soccer games he can't trick everybody as you say he would!

DM: Well remember he is still young learning the art of deception, but tell me something has his game improved.Meaning is he playing better than before?

Mom: Well I noticed that he is now more confident with his dribbling,and he has managed to trick more player than before?

DM:Can you tell me how old is your son?

Mom: Well he is 10 years old!

DM: Mom by the time your son reaches 13-14 years old. He will even be playing soccer better than those who are 16 years old. If he study and used these techniques. Then, he will create his own style, of playing soccer. Which will even help him a lot more.

Mom: Okay, I believe that one,but will my son start to drink alcohol as result of studying Drunken soccer.

DM: Mom I tell them not to drink alcohol are use any form of drugs that would destroy their minds and bodies. Which ,will result in more problems in their soccer games and family life.I beg my readers not to do this in my ebook?

Mom: But aren't you a drunk?

DM:No I am not! I only drink now and then :) Mom remember that I can control myself with this drinking habit! And by no means will I tell the kids to do this. How could I do this. Remember that I am also a Monk.

Mom: What monk?

DM: Yes, I am a Monk!

Mom: Well I've noticed one thing in your ebook?

DM: And what is that?

Mom: I noticed the way you describe each movement,and technique.

DM: Thank you!

Mom:Aren't you an old man. So why teach soccer?

DM: Very old and skillful, remember that I have never lost a battle?

Mom: I saw my son looking very drunk yerterday. So I rushed to him because he looked like he was going to fall. When I reach out to help him, I noticed a smile on his face. Then, I asked him why are you drunk and he said that he is not drunk. He was just acting! Well son you made a fool out of me!

DM: Well did your son tricked you?

Mom: Yes, he did.

DM: Just imagine what he will start to do after he has mastered all my techinques in Drunken Soccer:Fainting.

Mom: Why are you selling your ebook so expensive?

DM: Mom when I sell Drunken Soccer for $13.95, I am giving it away!

Mom: What do you mean by giving it away at $13.95?

DM: Come on, mom when you buy a soccer dvd, you pay at least $19-30 bucks, for it? Or even when you buy those so called training programs.

Mom:Well that is true. So are you saying that I am getting a deal when I get your ebook for $13.95?

DM: Yes, you are getting a killing deal.

Mom Well thanks?

Mom: I Play soccer with the ladies team in my home town.I purchased your Drunken soccer:Fainting, for my daughter because she wanted it. However, my daughter always asked me to read it to her. S0, i would read it all the time for her. Then, one day in our ladies soccer game I tested out some of your techinques and I was so amaze because they work. My friends at the end of the game told me that I played well and the coach said," That was some good stuff!" I must say thank you!

Mom: Drunken master I hate you!

DM: Why?

Mom:Because my son thinks that he his the greatest soccer player of all time? Just because he is studying Drunken soccer!

DM: Well, that is very good of him,to think that way. So, is he staying out of trouble?

Mom: Yes, all he wants to do now is to play soccer and show off his skills.

DM: What a great student, I know that he will grow into a great soccer player one day.